Know Your Customers

You can learn a lot about your prospective customers by examining what they do on your website. You can also reach them and people like them again with ads that are specifically targeted to their interests. All of this starts with getting your technology set up correctly behind the scenes.

Listening With Technology

Let us help you to quickly and painlessly start gathering data about your prospective customers and how they interact with your site. You will own the accounts the data lives in, giving you the ability to review at any time, understand your customers and make better decisions.

Set It & Forget It

Once installed and tested, you don't need to fuss with the tracking / listening elements on your site, they just do the work.

Connect to Ad Platforms

Facebook and Google depend on customer data to make their advertising platforms most effective for you.

Knowledge is Power

Having real customer data to analyze empowers you to make the right decisions on what to do next.

58% of online sales from searches


After Sue set my store up for Google's free product listings, an AWESOME 58% of online sales have come from searches! We couldn't afford not to do this!!!

Site Activity Tracking Package

Our Site Activity Tracking Package gets you set up with Page View tracking and more using:

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

The Site Activity Tracking Package uses Google Tag Manager (when possible) to keep all of your tracking and listening software contained in one tidy package.

Traffic & Conversions

Extended conversion setup with advanced tracking, including monetization of your site, enables you to understand the value of each visitor and each page on your website. 

Show your products to interested customers again through advertisements to give them another look with remarketing, made possible by the connection between your site's products and the advertising platforms.

Extended setup packages for Facebook and Google are below.

Facebook Catalogue & Conversion Tracking

Link your Shopify store to a Facebook Catalogue to leverage the power of social posts with tagged products on both Facebook and Instagram, and to use with Facebook Advertising. Set up to synchronize product changes you make in the future so you have less to worry about. 

Extended Google Setup

Understand how customers are finding your site when they search using Google Search Console. By knowing what they are searching for, you can set yourself up to be found.

Link specific actions on your site to their value; know which products and pages are bringing in the most revenue.

Connect your customer activity to Google Ad Manager to enable intelligent remarketing advertisements. 

package pricing

Site Activity Tracking Package



The essentials you need to get started capturing your site activity.

Facebook Catalogue & Conversion



Facebook Catalogue synchronized with your Shopify products; linked to Facebook Ads Manager

Extended Google Setup



Google Search Console,

Google Analytics conversion events, Google Ad Manager

Catalogue sync with Google Merchant Centre & Ad Account



Your product catalogue synchronized with Google Merchant Centre; linked to Google Ads

This sets you up to run Google Shopping Ads, Google Performance Max Ads, and to link your products to Video Ads

Interested in something not listed here, such as adding LinkedIn tracking onto your site? We can help with that too. 

Contact us to discuss your needs, with no pressure, no obligation.