May 31, 2021

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How to Quickly Reduce Google Ads Cost Per Click

We recently set up a new Google Ads Display campaign, and were seeing Cost Per Click (CPC) as high as $4.99. When you have a tight daily budget, it won't go very far when each click eats up most of the budget. 

Google Display Ads Graph with CPC and Clicks

Google Display Ads Graph showing Average Cost Per Click (CPC) and total daily Clicks

The red line in the graph shows the daily average cost per click, and the blue line shows the total daily clicks within the campaign. To pull your average CPC down dramatically like we did here, you can use the data already in the campaign to create exclusion lists.

To find the sites that are costing the most for your display ads, go to the placement report for the campaign, and download a list of your placements. It will include a lot of data, but what's of interest is the cost for each placement, and cost per click for each placement, as well as whether each placement brought you any conversions.

Sort your list by site and YouTube channels which didn't bring you any conversions, but which cost you a lot for the clicks. Pull this list out and upload it back into Google Ads as an Exclusion list, and then apply the exclusion list to the campaign. Google will immediately stop placing your ads on these expensive sites, and you should see your cost per click go down.

When your cost per click goes down, you can get more clicks out of the same budget for your campaign, the way our two lines have crossed here. Win-win!

Sue Steckle

Sue is the Chief Tech Fairy at Bricks 2 Clicks. For years, she worked with hospitals to set up their patient record software. Now, she helps brick & mortar retailers who also have websites, to get the most out of their systems.

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