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Sue Steckle

Sue Steckle loves crunching numbers, and can wrap her head around technical problems and solutions faster than anyone you've seen.

"I started Bricks 2 Clicks because I know COVID has changed everything for brick and mortar store owners. I want "main street" to still have stores available when things are back to normal. With the power of technology, I know I can help them double their sales and THRIVE in this new world."

Sue has made a career out of getting complex electronic systems up and running successfully for her clients, initially in the healthcare sector, and more recently in eCommerce. She prides herself on her ability to understand what is needed and to make it happen. 

Ian Greant is a veteran in the online marketing and eCommerce space.  He launched his first ad-supported website in 1995 and has lost count of the eCommerce websites he's launched, managed or consulted on in the last 25 years.

Ian Greant

"There have been few clients in my career that were not surprised by the complexity of running a competitive and successful online store.  The number of moving parts is simply more than most small teams can handle.  We started Bricks2Clicks to provide the essential skills and advice that retailers need to succeed online."

Ian Greant

The photo industry is a speciality of Ian's, as he's both worked as a photographer, is a former stock image agency owner and has managed & launched several photo industry eCommerce websites.

You Should Be Able to Focus on What You Do Instead of Struggling with Technical Details

Online stores have a LOT of moving parts. Setting up just one thing incorrectly can leave your emails doomed to the spam box, have you paying more than you should for ads, or missing out on valuable opportunities to make sales.

And even worse — most of the "stuff" you need to do only needs to be set up correctly once and then you never have to deal with it again. We hate seeing shop owners struggle to learn and implement things that they won't need to ever do again. 

Sue was dubbed the "Tech Fairy" after helping one of her clients fix all the things that she had been struggling with. She now want to help other people just like you stop fighting so hard to make things happen and enjoy the results.

This is my first launch into the ecommerce world as I am used to selling in physical locations, of which I have 3.  Your concept of helping business owners such as myself to expand into the digital world is fabulous because it is so overwhelming.  Something as simple as setting up Porthole Art on Facebook was a pain because I did not originally set it up under my personal account and I spent days trying to fix it.  Believe it or not, I have spent an average of 14 hours a day, pretty much 7 days a week, learning whatever I thought I needed to between July and mid-December.  However, I still feel overwhelmed and feel that I do not know enough to start paying money for advertising at a time when I feel I need to preserve cashflow for the other businesses.“

Irene Melnick, Porthole Art

Ask Your Experts

Setting up and growing a Shopify store is a LOT of work. You don't have to try to figure it out all by yourself. Send us a question and we're happy to help point you in the right direction.

Sue Steckle, Chief Tech Fairy